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IThe Dancing Spirit Studio, 219 Nanaquaket Rd. Tiverton RI






219 Nanaquaket rd. Tiverton RI .DTOL Member
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Body Soul Spirit Belly Dance for Everyone who wants to dance
Classes thru Jan 31, 2017
Tues and Wed 6:30 - 8 PM
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   8 classes/$100   Dropins $15
Priestesses , Godesses, Gypsy Spirits, GoatDance
Class wear - Tank, bra top,leotard, dance pants,tights, skirts
Dance studio hip scarves, gypsy skirts, zills, drum solo

 Visit, Like, FB page www.thedancingspiritstudio   Snippet 

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Hafla for Humanity

DIRECTIONS Off main rd, across from The Black Goose Cafe - over bridge,9th driveway on RIGHT. Look for blue flower box. Park on grass. Studio L in back. Follow the lighted pathway


The Dancing Spirit 8's Ode ( 105th version ) 

The Dancing Spirit IMovie... with you, Thankyou ox from Barbara Derecktor Donahue on Vimeo.

Before Belly Dance Anna Pavlova,Isadora Duncan,Penny Shaw, Natasha Redel, Michael Fokine, Mary Day, Ruth St Denis, Martha Graham,Carol Fried,Bill Bales, Kazuko Hirabayashi,Susan Dibble,Grethe Holby,Finis Jhung,Nancy Spanier,Michelle Bach Coulibaly,Joya Hoyt,Colleen Farrisey 
Oriental Mid East Belly Dance Delilah,Morocco,Dolphina,Blanca,Sema Yildz,Amani, Dalia Carella,Anahid Sofian,Elena Lentini,Nourhan,Aszmara,Mesmera,Kaeshi,Jillina,Aurel,Katia,Alexandra KingDahlena,Noora,Dahlyla,Sabeya,Ranya,Shira,Ansuya
Skirt Letter  Dear Barbara :The skirt language.The sensuous swish ,contracting, opening, the dance of life in transformation, all told in the language of the skirt. You have opened a universe to me that gives me powerful tools of performance. I am deeply grateful for your skillful teaching of how to use it to tell a story of power and vulnerability, secrets, passion and longing. Skirt dance is nothing less than the flight of the soul.


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