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                                                               CLASSES & SHOW INFO Until Feb 24 - $15 Drop ins                                                                     dancing spirit practices 101Dancing Spirit Practices  
 The Dancing Studio Essence Practices 1) Costume for most muscle & body delineation 2) Pole thru head to feet 3) Posture - Eyes ahead, face relaxed, chin up,long neck,shoulders back & down, chest up, heart open,long line from chest to hips,tummy to spine, lower back long, knees& ankles relaxed,hands relaxed.4) Circles beautiful, small , controlled, smooth ,carved, count 8,4,2 slowly - head, shoulders, chest, hips. 5 )Snake arms, pushes, pulls, hand & wrist lifts, pushes, circles with strength, energy flow 
NEW SESSION Feb 29 - Apri 21   8 wks 1 class $100, 2 classes $185, 3 classes $250
Monday SKIRTS - 6:30 - 8  Tuesdays,Wednesdays BellyDanceBasics 6:30 - 8
Thursdays Ballet Essence Belly Dance (When 5 are signed up)  Text if interested. 4013389905
Friday Rehearsals for shows 6:30 - 8 
 2016 season.
April 3 The Gypsy Quartet & Gypsy Skirt Troup At The Towers, Naragnsett, More details soon
April 21 AHA Fall River 5 - 8.
Join a Dancing Spirit class and enjoy a Global Dancing Skirts Performance  

 hr class 

The Dancing Spirit Studio, 219 Nanaquaket Rd. Tiverton RI






                                                                     To dance is to dream while you are awake



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    219 Nanaquaket Rd,Tiverton RI

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    To Dance is to dream 

    While you are awake ....

    Create your vision.....

    Unpeel your onion.....


    Before Belly Dance
    Anna Pavlova
    Isadora Duncan
    Natasha Redel
    Michael Fokine
    Mary Day
     Ruth St Denis
    Martha Graham
    Carol Fried
     Bill Bales
     Kazuko Hirabayashi
    Susan Dibble
    Grethe Holby
    Finis Jhung
    Nancy Spanier
    Michelle Bach Coulibaly
    Joya Hoyt
    Colleen Farrisey
    Oriental Belly Dance 
    Sema Yildz
    Dalia Carella
    Anahid Sofian
    Elena Lentini
    Alexandra King
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           veils are sails 

    There are many styles of Belly Dance and Belly Dance costumes. A matching bra and belt is called a Bedlah.

    When a bedlah, skirt and veil match that is called a " full costume". How long does it take to learn to Belly Dance?

    It varies with each person but a rule of thumb is 6 years.

         Barbara, known as The Dancing Spirit of RI lives in Tiverton where she owns and runs.The Dancing Spirit Studio. Barbara began dancing at age 4. She choreographed her first group dance for twenty kids at age 16,recieved her BFA in Dance from SUNY Purchase. After college Barb a Modern Dancer performed with Grethe Holby,Takako Asakawa Dance Co,Dibble Dance & took Ballet with Finis Jhung. In Colorado she danced with The Nancy Spanier Dance Co. IN RI Barbara ran The Tanagra Movement Theatre Company for 5 yrs.. Barb has been a Belly Dance Artist for 14 years.She has been fortunate to travel to study with some of the best Middle Eastern Oriental Belly Dance teachers and performers in the world. Her teaching and performance style is a fusion of all dance forms she knows well. She performs around The Sakonnet, Newport County area and in NYC shows with Morocco, Dalia Carella and Anahid Sofian. She danced in Hawaii with Delilah, in Turkey, at Tayaar's Music & Dance Camp with Sema Yildz, Lee Ali and Nourhan Sharif .She taught skirts & zills and performed in Bali with Samra, in Sayulita, Mexico @ Haramara and was with the luminous 2nd Theatrical Belly Dance Convention, NYC. Barbara brought International Shimmy Mob to RI in 2011 celebrating National Dance Week, World Belly Dance Day and International Shimmy Mob together.May 9,2015 was her studio 5th Shimmy Mob which featured Barbara's choreography and was a show of many dancers, styles,live musc by Margerate Ferri, a reading of The Dancer by K. Gibran, painting by Courtney Cartin. Together everyone raised funds for The Women's Resource Center of Newport. September 19th, on the weekend of World Peace, Barbara shared a Dancing Spirit Peace Choreography in the studio and in the field. It was a very special gathering of peaceful dancers. On Nov 19 The Studio will be hosting a hafla fundraiser for Syria. Barb's long time friend and esteemed musician Charlie Hallals band will be playing.
          Barb's Shimmy Mob story on DanseTrack
         Barbara has been performing solo and with groups for SOAH ( Singing out against Hunger) for 12 years,@ The Tiverton Four Corners Arts Festival for 18 yrs.The Tanagra Troupe brought dance fo the Newport Rocks Series at Fort Adams, Summer 2014
            Barb says, "I never imagined I would become a Belly Dancer. When I took my first class I was surprised. I never knew anything about the dance form or the complex world history . I have said many times it is the gift that keeps on giving. Shimmy Mob passion the world over is one example of how Belly Dance can change lives in positive ways. Belly Dance can grab you. It is wonderful to study as many dance forms as possible. Learning the technique, skirt work, veil grace, rhythms, finger cymbals and the earthy feeling can add much expression to a dancers repetoire and to any persons life..Belly Dance is classical, traditional folk dance and fusion which blends and encourages the dancing spirit in everyone.I love watching students as they learn and grow in wonderful blossoming and expressive ways. 

    The Dancing Spirit Studio from Barbara Derecktor Donahue on Vimeo.         


    Off main rd, across from The Black Goose Cafe - over bridge,
    9th driveway on RIGHT. Look for the blue flower box.
     Park in the drive way or on the lawn to the right or left 
    The Studio is LEFT in back of house. Follow the purple sign


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