The Dancing Spirit Studio, 219 Nanaquaket Rd. Tiverton & Providence AS220

Creative Belly Dance Performance Art Training

Classes for Adults, Teens,4 - 12 yrs

Dancers for shows, festivals, parties ,events, fundraisers 

The Dancing Spirit Studio, 219 Nanaquaket Rd. Tiverton RI   

Mid East Oriental Belly Dance

Sept 12, 6:30 - 7 Join SOAH's 12th yr @ Evelyn's Drive i    Text 401 338 9905 




   "To dance is to dream while awake" 






         " Create your vision "



The Dancing Spirit Studio Fall/Winter

NEW!!!! Halloween Costumes Dance Class,
Saturday Nov 1, 10:00 - 11:15 for Moms, Kids 10 & under 
Halloween Costumes Dance class Nov 1

Holiday Show Performance Party Dec 19, 6:30!!!  
Please reserve tickets early. Seating is limited
Dec 19th Belly Dance Performance Show Party

Please email to register, for directions, questions
Class includes floor warm up,rhythm walks,head to toe isolations,traveling steps,choreography snippets,veil, skirts,American,Egyptian,Turkish
  "Known as The Dancing Spirit Barbara lives in Tiverton where she owns and runs The Dancing Spirit Studio. Barbara began
dancing as a child.She brings over 30 years of Ballet, Modern Dance and 14 yrs of Mid East Oriental Belly Dance training, performance and instruction.
Her teaching & performance style is a fusion of American with Turkish and Egyptian flavors. Barbara performs around New England, in NYC, presents
community and studio shows. Barbara leads dance parties at her studio,at your home or event location with hip scarves and veils for everyone. She brought International Shimmy Mob to RI. May 2015 is her teams 5th year. Barb/Shimmymoblove  The Studio has been performing on SOAH STAGES for Singing out against Hunger for 12 years.  

Oct 2 - Nov 30  Adult Beg- All Welcome 6:30 - 8 @ AS220 ,95 Empire St. with Shimmy Mob 

Monday - Saturday
NEW Monday, 5:00 - 6:25 Pilates/ Yoga/ Weights..............Oct 13- Dec 15........ $120 / 8 classes
Monday 7 - 8:30   Belly Dance - Adult basics.................  $100/8 class card    Begins Oct 6
Tuesday TEEN Belly Dance 4:30 - 6 ..............$75/ 8 class with Shimmy Mob 
Tuesday  6:30 - 8. Open Level Adults...................  $100/8 class card  
Wednesday 11 - 12:00 Creative Dance KIDS 4 - 7 yr olds.............. $50 / 5 weeks 
NEW Wednesday Oct 15 - Nov 12  4 :15 - 5:15  KIDS Modern Dance, Belly Dance  8 - 12 yr olds......$10 a class or $80 for 9 classes
Creative Dance 8 - 12 yrs. combines Modern Dance with Oriental Belly Dance

 7:00 - 8. Adult Int ... $100/8 class card
Saturday 10 - 11:30 Open Level ......$100/8 class card 

Creative Dance Desciptions
 4 - 7 yrs  Dress up ,Silk veils, lines, circles, in space, thru space, story maps, laban , art and movement
8 - 12 yrs Large veils, skirts, steps, learn dances, make up dances, costume play, performance 


The Dancing Spirit Studio from Barbara Derecktor Donahue on Vimeo.

Creative Dance 4 - 7 yrs           

Pinterest page for Creative Dance
Off main rd, across from The Black Goose Cafe - over bridge, 9th driveway on RIGHT. Park in front, Studio - left in back of house, Follow the purple sign
Want to dance with your darling daughters? Ask about Shimmy with your Mom
Mondays 4 - 5:00   $10 each duet 
PRIVATE LESSONS 11/2 hr $50.00 with notes & cd

* Please text or call if you can't come to class.
Please CALL if you would like to DROP IN to try a class 401 338 9905

If a class card is purchased for a SEASON and the card is not used during the SEASON, a new card must be purchased. Seasons are Sept - Dec 19 , Jan - March 1, March - May, June - Aug. If a card expires students are charged the single class rate of $15.00        
Barb says
 "I began my dance journey at 4 - Ballet, Modern Dance, Mid East Oriental Belly Dance path way. It is wonderful to study as many dance forms as possible. You can't take training out but you can add layers of expression. I never thought I would become a Belly Dancer. Many first time students fall in love with the dance. I did. I love to learn,  perform & teach .
Dancing a Veil, skirt, studying the rhythms and learning to play finger cymbals adds much to a dancers repetoire. 
Book a dance class party at the studio for family & friends. Hire me solo or with my dancers to come dance with you at your home for a family party . Everyone can dance! Veils and hip scarves for all .  Learn a circle dance all together!  Your gift is a Free Cd of the songs you learn dances to. At the most recent home party the mom's, dad's, teens, children and grandparents danced together in a cozy living room ......Look on The Tanagra page for more info
The Dancing Spirit Studio is available to rent for yoga classes, drum circles, home schoolers, meetings, parties, showings
The studio has a guest bed room and a fully equipped  kitchen for over night events

Tanagra Dance Ensemble from Barbara Derecktor Donahue on Vimeo. 

Four SM from Barbara Derecktor Donahue on Vimeo.


Teen Belly Dance Classes from Barbara Derecktor Donahue on Vimeo.



BOY from Barbara Derecktor Donahue on Vimeo.

WED CLASS 7 - 8:30 

#thedancingspirit skirt fusion tool box rep - come dance your skirts with me ......

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